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Welcome to ChaiGPT, your ultimate destination for authentic, heartwarming Chai.


Our mission is to invigorate the corporate landscape by intertwining the essence of traditional chai with a spirit of productivity. We aim to stimulate minds, foster creativity, and fuel success, one perfect cup of chai at a time.


Our vision is to cultivate a workplace culture that cherishes diversity, promotes inclusion, and champions wellbeing. We believe in the transformative power of our exquisite teas to bring people together, inspire conversations, and foster a nurturing environment for all.

Our Team.

Meet Manas, a seasoned chai enthusiast whose pursuit for the perfect cup of chai knows no bounds. His passion? Exploring an endless universe of flavors, one cup at a time.

Then there's Ravin, who honed his chai-brewing skills with a singular goal - to bring a smile on his wife's face. His secret? A sprinkle of love and a dash of handpicked spices!

Together, they bring you 'ChaiGPT', a unique story of tradition, love, and shared passion for India's cherished beverage - Chai. Grab a cup, and let's brew some memories together!

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